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Save Time on Your Search

Want to save yourself some time, even if in just a very basic way? We are here to jumpstart the process.

The QuickYellow team has been working behind the scenes developing tools to make your life faster. What we can up with is a pretty cool set of "widgets" we thought you may enjoy and save a few seconds of life every time you use them.

How you ask? We have moved the Yellow Pages search process closer to you. It can now be on your desktop, website, Facebook, mobile phone, most anywhere technology takes you. And best of all, we cut all the clutter out. All we need is a simple WHAT (ie: pizza, auto repair, business name) and WHERE (ie: city, state or zip) - nothing more, no more extra steps. Just enter your WHAT and WHERE and we will get those businesses, phone numbers, addresses and other information loaded for you to view.

Give it a try. You may find you will like these slick Yellow Page search tools.

QuickYellow Widgets - We Know Business.

Yahoo Widget for QuickYellow

Yahoo! Widget | PC & Mac

QuickYellow has developed a Yahoo! Widget to be used with the Yahoo! Widget Application.

Compatible with both PC and Mac but requires installation of the Yahoo! Widget Engine.


Mac Dashboard Widget

Mac Dashboard Widget

QuickYellow has developed a widget to work with the MAC Dashboard.

Compatible with the MAC system only. No other programs are required as it works with the pre-installed MAC Dashboard.


QuickYellow Mobile

QuickYellow Mobile 1.0

Browsing your mobile web for yellow page listings just became easier with QuickYellow Mobile 1.0.

Our easy-to-use mobile service works on nearly all mobile phones across all carries as long as you have a mobile browser and data plan. Our mobile website gives you instant access to business information using the same functionality you're used to on our website.

How Do I Use?

1. It's easy - open up your browser on your mobile phone and go to: http://m.quickyellow.com