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Medical Massage, Proven Pain Relief Approach

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With over 20 years experience, exceptional skills and training, world-class experience, we provide the best in pain relief with a holistic approach. ***

We are auto accident injury specialists and can bill insurance in most cases.

Please see our websites and give us a call today! 505-340-9454 and Kelly at 505-340-1107 for appointment availability.

Certified Pregnancy massage, post-natal massage care, Arvigo Maya Abdominal massage.


8 AM - 8 PM, open 7 days a week

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Orlando Martinez, NM

Every massage felt great. She targets your problem areas while working all the other areas. She is very flexible and understands your needs. She won't work on areas you don't feel comfortable with her working on. Karla is an easy person to talk to.

Kristin , NM

After 32 weeks of pregnancy, my lack of back pain, neck pain – any pain at all! – is a testament not just to prenatal massage, but to Karla! Beginning in the first trimester and into the second, I was fortunate to have found Karla and met with her every two weeks. Now that I’m in the third trimester, we’ve stepped it up to every week, and it is an occasion I look forward to for six days! Karla’s experience with women, women who are pregnant, and women with reproductive issues (as both a masseuse and a past doula) is completely invaluable. She is extremely well read and has years of experience to share with her clients and is always willing to share her suggestions. At a recent appointment, she involved my husband and taught him several techniques to help me through my labor. Karla has given me the tools and the confidence to face the weeks up to delivery pain-free and looking forward to this next stage in our lives. So many pregnant women I talk to are managing aches and physical stress along with the natural anxiety that comes with the unknown. I KNOW that Karla has changed my experience carrying this child, and I BELIEVE that both my baby and I are having a healthier, happier pregnancy for knowing her and being lucky enough to be her clients.

Michelle S, NM

Karla is very professional. I chose to go to her out of anyone in Albuquerque based on our initial phone conversation. She was so informative and explained what she uses in her massages. We were in a car accident and she has worked with us and supported us through the entire process. She is very easy to talk to and the massage atmosphere is very relaxing and soothing. I would recommend her to anyone. She has tons of experience and really knows how to make a body feel good:)

Elaine, NM

I went to Karla for a chronic pain problem as well as a recent back injury. She brought extensive knowledge, compassion and experience to the table and brought about a much needed resolution to my problems. I couldn't recommend her more....

Wendy T., AZ

I was very sad when Karla told me she was moving to NM. I would highly recommend her to anyone (and have!) She helped me out with a pre-op massage just before I had major surgery and I feel it not only helped me deal with the anxiety of my impending operation, but made healing a little more comfortable by helping me relax my muscles enough to handle the long recovery post-op. She is a lovely person and a great healer.

BBosch, NM

Seeing Karla for regular massage for the last six weeks has relieved pain related to an accident that I've been carrying for many months. Karla is present to my needs and relates in a professional manner while providing the best of care. She is sensitive to both physical and psychological needs in the treatment.

Kate H., NM

I have suffered from chronic, debilitating migraines for the last 8 years. Sometimes the migraines get so bad I can't do anything but lie in a dark, quiet room waiting trying to ride out the pain. When I first met Karla I was impressed by the knowledge she had not just in general about massage but specifically how to treat migraines like mine. When I had my first massage from her I had had migraines for 2 WEEKS and none of the pain killers I had taken had given me any pain relief (including a trip to urgent care for injections of pain killers). The morning after my first massage with Karla I woke up totally pain free! I couldn't believe it! I braced myself for the fact that this may have been a one time (very lucky!) thing, but over the last year and a half I've been getting massages from Karla she has consistently provided me pain relief from migraines when nothing else will. I feel so lucky to have "found" her!! While very experienced and professional she is also a wonderfully warm, friendly, and caring woman who makes each massage an incredibly healing and relaxing experience. I highly recommend her! -----------------------------------------------------------------

BellaP, NM

Thank you again for all your help when I was in a car accident - your thorough and expert treatment helped me feel better fast, and I appreciate that you were able to bill insurance.

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