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The Care You Need Our Hearts Can Give.

General Information


Who We Are

CareSenior, Inc. is a family-owned home care service agency that is committed to providing values in all our interactions with staff, patients, families, government agencies, mental and emotional well being of everyone.

We are committed to develop and maintain the highest possible standards, and to ensure that all programs and services meet the needs and expectations of our patients.

We are committed to develop a community service that values human dignity, respects human diversity and enhances physical, mental and emotional well being of everyone.

We support individuals in the pursuit of their dreams to develop their individual potential. To discourage the creation of artificial barriers and overcome those barriers where they exist. To treat every individual with respect and honor their choices.

We encourage creative and innovative ideas and new approaches to human services that respond to the various and inique needs of individuals, families, communities and agencies.

We recognize that culture provides a general design for living and patterns that are reflected in behaviors, and that a culturally competent agency acknowledges, adjust to and accepts the dynamics of cultural forces; and to ensure that services are provided by individuals who have the skills to recognize and respect the behavior, ideas, attitudes, values, beliefs, customs, languages, rituals, ceremonies, and practices characteristics of all patients, especially minorities, and under-served groups of people.

Our Business Philosophy

CareSenior, Inc. believes that Homecare is a progressive alternative to institutionalization; therefore, our company focuses on providing a full range of quality, cost effective home care services to patients within our service coverage areas. We also believe that patients and families should be treated with respect while providing care to promote wellness.

Caring Is Our Business

Our Carefully-handpicked caregivers have gone through a strict interview process that involves personality screening, work experience verification, references and criminal background checks.

We hire our personnel based on their work-related skills and in the areas and programs they specialized in. CareSenior, Inc. only employs dependable, hardworking and compassionate professionals who are committed to providing you the care and the unique service you deserve.

To ensure quality of service, caregivers undergo:

* Refreshers and continued education and training
* Regular supervisory monitors

Our Home Care Support Services

* Live-in Companionship
* Part-time/Come and Go

Specialized Day-To-Day Activities Such As

* Assistance in mobility
* Assistance in bathing and toilet tasks
* Medication reminders
* Light Housekeeping
* At home meal preparation
* Grocery shopping tasks
* Assistance in blood sugar checks
* Bathing and toilet tasks

Our Mission

CareSenior, Inc. is committed to providing high quality home care essential to the enhancement of self-esteem and the social conditions of patients. We want to be a homecare company dedicated to providing the community with exceptional home care without distinction of race, color, national origin, disability, or age.

CareSenior, Inc. supports its mission by providing the highest quality service in home care while we aspire to provide sympathetic, tender care that nurtures the human spirit.

We recognize and respect the autonomy of our patients and families in making note affecting their health status. CareSenior, Inc. will continually seek new ways and means to being responsive to the home care needs of the community we serve.

Furthermore, CareSenior, Inc. is committed to employing the most qualified personnel available to provide a comprehensive, high quality program of home care.

We Are Community-Based

We acknowledge the wide diversity of communities in which all people live and to support and provide services in the patient's community of choice: to offer services in the least restrictive, least coercie manner, and in the most natural setting. To assist each person in living, working, learning and enjoing leisure activities in the community.

We Are People First!

We recognize that labels are limiting and that all people have the basic goals, desires, and feelings. We recognize that the needs and expectations of Patients may be different and unique from those on their families, and to plan for and be aware of that thoughout the services delivery, development and monitoring processes.

The Care You Need Our Hearts Can Give

At CareSenior, Inc. our priority is YOU.

We strive hard to earn your trust and confidence. Our philosophy is to always dedicate our hearts to the excellence of providing you the best-matched services in quality and affordable assisted care within the comforts and security of your own home.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions you may have, or services that you may need. We look forward to hearing from you. Servcing Chicagoland. On call 24 hours, everyday.

For more information on the benefits of our Quality Home Care Support Services, please contact us at:

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Phone: 847.695.3992
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Email: willington213@careseniorinc.com
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